Copacabana Area

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Copacabana Area

Leaving from Puno or from the city of La Paz, Copacabana, the most charming village on the shores of Titicaca Lake is located. It is a place of deep spirituality, from pre-Columbian times as we expose the Inca ruins of Yumani staircase, the source of the Inca Palaces Pillkoqaina and Acllahuasi (house of the chosen ones). This is the place where, following the legend, the great Inca Empire began.

The views of the lake, its sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking and will leave you with a deep feeling of peace while contemplating the majesty of the Pachamama (Mother Nature).

We sail in motor boats to the Islands of the Sun and the Moon, we`ll also take walks getting lost in magical places where time has stopped. If you like to go on where time has stopped, you can also spend the night in the bracing Island of the Sun, a place like no other for its landscapes, people and feeling energy.

Finally, we also offer you the pleasure of discovering the town of Sampaya, also known as Stone Town, to have a close look at how its inhabitants build and live everyday life.

Day tours, two days and three days are offered, with the possibility of extension. You are the one who chooses, we are here to serve you. Come for the purification and revitalization of nature and the Andean environment that survives around the sacred Titicaca Lake.

Puerta del Sol
Templo Semi-Subterraneo de Kalasasaya
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Calvario - Copacabana

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