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Ciudad de La Paz

Walk through La Paz´ downtown

We offer a pleasant walk at your own pace, so that you can discover the fascinating downtown of La Paz, melting of architectural, historical and folkloric elements. We start with the point zero of the city: Murillo Square, where we find the Cathedral, the Government Palace and the National Museum of Arts (exterior view). We continue to the historic colonial street Jaen, cradle of great urban tales. Finally we follow to the imposing Church of San Francisco, next to which the witches market begins, where are a variety of crafts mixed with elements for all types of Bolivian syncretism (mixture of ancestral beliefs) ceremonies as ch'alla (ceremony of reciprocity with the Pachamama-Mother Earth).

Walk through the Paceños (proper to La Paz) Markets

With this option you have the opportunity to experience one of the essential elements of La Paz´ culture: trade. Markets are permanent exhibitions of agricultural production in the region and elsewhere, traditional dishes and financial exchanges. The "seats" (puestos) are a checkerboard of colors and their owners, usually "cholitas" are expert traders, also you`ll be able to see the contrast between traditional and modernized markets where are sold clothing, crafts, ceremonial objects, household appliances and costumes for folk dancing.

Calle Jaen
Calle De Las Brujas

City Tour & Moon Valley (Private)

A ride in which you can come upon this wonderful city and appreciate its cultural, historical, architectural and natural wealth. We visit Plaza Murillo, from where the Cathedral and the Palace of Government is seen, continue with the monumental Church of San Francisco, next to which we discover the witches market, where they are a variety of mixed crafts with items for all kind of Bolivian ceremonies of syncretism (mixture of ancestral beliefs) as Ch'alla (ceremony of reciprocity with the Pachamama-Mother Earth). Follows the viewpoint of Killi Killi, a 360˚ amazing perspective on the city, the Gold Museum (Costumbrista or musical instruments), the replica of the semi-subterranean temple of Tiwanaku. Finally, we walk through the south of the city (residential) to reach the erosion masterpiece of nature in the Valley of the Moon.

Archaeological site of Tiwanaku

Next to La Paz, is the so-called cradle of American civilization, Tiwanaku archaeological site is among the most ancient of Andean cultures. One remains surprised by its size and by the perfection of its constructive and decorative technique. We visit the Tiwanaku´s museums and several of its ruins as Akapana pyramid, the temple of Kalasasaya, the Door of the Sun, monoliths Ponce and Frayle and semi-subterranean temple. Also you have the opportunity to observe local handicrafts: small carefully carved stones, modeled on the monoliths, Tiwanaku and aymara amulets. Similarly the masterfully crafted pottery and ceremonial vessels, incense burners, little Door of the Sun replicas and others.

Ciudad de La Paz
Puerta de la Luna

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