Salar de Uyuni, Isla Incahuasi & Lagunas de Colores

Salar de Uyuni

Day Tour

Amazing white oasis for the soul, the Uyuni Salt Flat is the world's largest salt flat, with phenomenal landscapes that take your breath away and expand your imagination. It exposes its perfectly superimposed hexagonal shapes (replicating on a larger scale the form of microscopic salt), and becomes a perfect mirror of the sky in the rainy season (January to March).

In our private tour you`ll enjoy the most complete day to visit this masterpiece of nature, visiting the train cemetery then go to the Great Salt Flat, visiting on the way the Colchani town, where we see an artisanal processing salt plant. We also visit and walk around the Salt Palace Hotel, the only one in the world built entirely of salt. Then, in the Salt Flat, we admire the waterholes and learn how salt is extracted. The Incahuasi Island (known as Fish Island) is visited as well, where you can observe the famous giant cactus. The tour continues with Coquesa town and the visit of the mummies cave, and later we`ll return to Uyuni town and watch the dazzling sunset on the shores of the Salt Flat. Lunch will be served in the middle of the beautiful Salt Flat.

Three day Tour

In the three-day private tour, you can go further to meet the vivid colors that inhabit the lakes at the south of the Uyuni Salt Flat. Happily inhabited by numerous flamingos, vicunas, vizcachas (Andean rabbits), Andean foxes, llamas ... It's a show of the Andean ecosystem.

This tour gives you the opportunity to marvel contemplating the Laguna Colorada (Red Lake) and the surrounding area, as well as in front of the permafrost and morning sun Geysers; through Chalviri lagoon and its hot springs, and the Dali Valley. You will also be reflected in the turquoise waters of Laguna Verde (Green Lake), impressing with its intense emerald waters and appreciate the magnificent Volcano Llicancahur. You have lodging and all meals included.


On the second day, art is sure to follow with the cave paintings. Also you can learn from Necropolis Tomas Fort Lakjas, the Valley of the Frogs, Alota town, Culpina K, The Church of San Cristobal and Colchani town, where we see an artisan salt processing plant, and we are privileged to rest at the architectural jewel of the Salt Flat: The Salt Palace Hotel & Spa (Hotel & Spa Palacio de Sal), first in the world built entirely of salt, selected from the most unusual hotels in the world by Newsweek magazine, where we can appreciate the stunning sunset. After enjoying a delicious dinner, we wandered shocked by the overwhelming beauty of the night sky at the Salt Flat, at that latitude is considered one of the clearest in the world to admire the stars.

Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni
isla Incahuasi

Heading toward the Great Salt Flat, where we visit the springs, in addition to observe both the form of extraction and production of salt blocks; then the Incahuasi Island (known as Fish Island) where you can observe the famous giant cactus, then visit Coquesa town and cave mummies. Finally we return to Uyuni.

In the Salar, you will have the opportunity to explore your imagination to take creative and funny pictures.

In all our options, there are day tours, two day tours, three day tours ... we adapt to the time you have, both on shared and private tour options. It depends entirely on you, we are here to facilitate your meeting with Bolivia and maximize the pleasure of your time in this beautiful land.

Laguna verde
Laguna Hedionda
Salar de Uyuni

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